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ComedySportz, Where the Holidays Party!

October 17, 2013 |

2013 top Chicago holiday party ideas
ComedySportz Improv Comedy Troupe

Objective: We are looking to connect with those planning holiday parties for their companies and sell them ComedySportz as an entertainment option. For those planning an event at their offices or perhaps a hotel or banquet hall, we can provide our show ComedySportz in a variety of formats to fit both the client’s venue and budget. For other clients looking for a “one-stop shop”, we can host their private party at our Lakeview location and provide entertainment, a full-service bar, and coordinate with the catering company of the client’s choice.

Features & Benefits:

The ComedySportz Show (either traveling or at their location)

Hilarious – Chicago is the world capital of improv comedy and we feature some of the city’s funniest talent, performing a series of improvised scenes, songs, and games to audiences throughout the Midwest!

Fast-paced – our high energy improv show has audiences cheering on the performers are and keeps them entertained all night.

Interactive – Our host (or “referee”) comes to the audience throughout the show.  We use their suggestions as the launch pad for our scenes, songs, and games.  Some audience volunteers even get into the act!  (They have to volunteer, of course, we know not everyone wants to be on stage.)

Business appropriate – ComedySportz is always clean comedy. Any meeting planner who has been burned by a comedian “going blue” will breathe a sigh of relief – we offer smart, fast-paced, appropriate humor. It’s comedy everyone will enjoy.

Customizable – Our clients give us background on their company as well as let us know what topics are up and not up for discussion. This allows us to provide a tailor-made evening. (NOTE: We do not write sketches for customers as part of ComedySportz. Customizable merely means we help our performers get a better sense of the audience for the evening.)

Professional – Our show has been providing entertainment for professional events for over 25 years. Our performers are carefully selected and your account is managed by a professional sales representative with several years’ experience helping their clients have the best event possible.

Competitively price – we have options to fit a variety of budgets.

NOTE: One thing to know when writing about ComedySportz: ComedySportz is NOT jokes about sports. It’s improv comedy played with the same intensity and exhilaration of sports!

We Come To You (Touring Company solutions for your event)

Flexible – We have shows of various lengths and formats to accommodate different needs. One client may need a quick 30 minute show performed in a hotel breakout room for 50 attendees as part of a larger itinerary, while another client may need a full 90 minute evening of comedy performed in a banquet hall for 500. ComedySportz has options that work great in both environments!

Convenient – We bring the performers and an on-site representative to make sure your guests get the best experience possible. Your sales representative works out all the details with you ahead of time so there are no surprises. We know that many people planning an event have not worked with live entertainment before – we make it easy.

To bring ComedySportz to your event:

You Come to Us (Hosting your event at ComedySportz)

One Shop Stop – ComedySportz can make your entire event a success: entertainment, full-service bar, catering recommendations and coordination, and venue rental for additional programming and partying. Our clients often pair a ComedySportz performance with their own program, such as an employee awards presentation, etc.

Options – Groups of up to 149 can rent out our venue and have it all for themselves. Some smaller organizations often plan a private reception for their members before a public show which they then attend as a group. Some package their event with a workshop where their participants learn how some of our tricks of the trade.

To have your event at ComedySportz: is your source for Chicago Meeting Planning and Chicago Event Planning.

MPI Chicago Area Chapter Holiday Party Video 2012

October 13, 2013 |

Video production by

Over 400 meeting and event professionals gathered at the Hard Rock Cafe, Chicago to enjoy the holiday season.  The MPI Chicago Area Chapter(MPI-CAC) is one of the largest chapters in the world with around 1,000 meeting professionals.  You can find great networking and educational opportunities as a member of MPI Chicago which will help you build your business and grow your career.  It’s one of the leading meetings industry associations here in Chicago.  We highly recommend you take this association into consideration if you are a meeting venue or meeting services company in Chicagoland.  If you would like more details, please visit

We also feature MPI events on our Chicago area events page through our partnership with MPI Chicago Area Chapter (MPI-CAC).


Creative Thinking for an Awesome Holiday Event

October 2, 2013 |

chicago holiday party tips

Creative Thinking for an Awesome Holiday Event

By Jim Grillo, CMP

You have just been tasked with planning this year’s holiday party for your office. Or, perhaps the project is putting it together for the whole company. Your supervisor must have a lot of faith in you, but you’re not so sure. Before panicking, take a step back and realize what a great opportunity this is! Once you have the budget, preferred dates/time, and other essentials, you can begin the process.

Start with reviewing last year’s event. Where was it held? What was the turnout? Are there elements that you can improve or expand on? After making some notes, close your eyes and let your imagination wander…envision how it might look and the overall effect. What type of venue and décor do you see? Are there delicious passed hors d’oeuvres, or is it an elegant sit-down dinner? What about the program—special announcements, welcomes or speeches? How can they be intertwined with the fun? Right now, be open to all kinds of options. You are its creator. Getting excited yet?

The easy answers for planning an event happen when you realize its goal. Determine whether this party is supposed to have a special meaning to it. What should employees take away from it other than having a great time? Remember, it is about your attendees first. However, your creativity in planning the party is about you and can elevate its successful outcome.

After this, ideas for where to plan the event and what type of elements to include will unfold.
Some tips to creative thinking:

Form a planning team. While you are the leader, it certainly helps to have a few others involved. More ideas can come from additional creative minds. Team members can be delegated for different tasks, such as registration, greeting, selling raffle tickets and decorations/décor. You can continue to concentrate on keeping the timeline before the event on track, and other big-picture elements.

Unique theme. Even though it’s a holiday party, create a theme. This could be a 1920’s/Gatsby, Hollywood stars, or an interesting current-event theme. Perhaps a certain local sports team has just won a major game; incorporate the colors and logo items into the event. Let the planning teams’ creativity flow.

Include elements of your company’s products or services into your theme. Has there been a new product launch or service recently added? Is the company celebrating a milestone year? Think about weaving one of these into the theme in a creative way. For instance, if the company is an accounting firm, try incorporating something fun using numbers. This concept can be used for invitations, table numbers or songs that include numbers. Instead of a “play on words,” it’s a “play on numbers.” Create a contest based on the theme, with door prizes (serious or funny) going to first, second and third place winners. Or, award it to the last-place “winner” for a different twist.

Market your party. You want staff and their guests to look forward to, and come to the event! Your attendees are ultimately the party’s customers. Market it with a title that creates interest and appeal to your audience. Besides a unique title, find different ways to carry out the marketing plan. Depending on the company’s size, a small reminder item could be left at desks, as well as sending attention-grabbing emails and flyers.

Giving back. Design a special way of giving to a cause. Get staff motivated and involved in advance. It could be built into the overall theme.

The ultimate goal is making this event unforgettable. Of course, you may be appointed the official holiday party planner. Then, you’ll need to top it next year!

Historic Chicago Party Space Downtown Chicago

January 6, 2013 |

Berghoff Catering & Restaurant Group
17 W Adams St
Chicago, IL 60603

berghoff logo

Have a truly unique event experience within the setting of the historic Berghoff building at 17 West Adams Street in the heart of Chicago’s Loop. The Historic Berghoff building offers individuals or organizations access to four beautiful event rooms. Additionally, we are able to provide off-premise catering at an array of different venues across the city. With over 25 years experience, we’re familiar with each space and have great working relationships to ensure we get you the best value from all involved vendors.

Email Us – Please mention when contacting me

Total Capacity of Venue and all spaces for private event: **Private Dining specific**

Seated dinner 250; Reception 400 – different combinations of private rooms can be combined depending on event

Total Capacity and Names of Group Rooms:

1. Century Room: 100 seated (with dance floor), 200 reception
2. East Room: 50 seated, 75 reception
3. West Room: 80 seated, 120 reception
4. Chefs Room: 20 seated

Is there Private or Semi private space available? Yes, all 4 rooms mentioned above are available for private events.

How is the room set at capacity (Long tables? Rounds of X per table)
We are flexible with the set up of each room

Do you offer any unique views? Historic building with original woodwork, woodcarvings and bar since 1913. Original light fixtures and Tiffany’s stained glass windows.

Is there an F&B minimum to reserve / use the room (s)? yes, it varies based on the time of year, space needed, etc – please inquire

Is there a rental fee to reserve / use the room? If so, how much is the rental fee? no


Places to have a Small or Large Private Party in Chicago Suburban Lombard

November 14, 2012 |

Whether it’s Employees only or family included, enjoy Go-Karts, Laser Tag, Krazy Bumper Kars, Miniature Golf and Mega Game Room, Holiday Party, Corporate or Company Party. Pluse there’s Kids Quest Softplay & Sir Bounce-A-Lot’s ,Inflatables for younger guests.  Reserve your private room or the entire Castle for the best holiday party ever!

Contact us for details and pricing

Navy Pier Chicago Event Space for up to 1500 Guests

November 14, 2012 |

The Crystal Gardens is a perfect and unique location to host your event. The Crystal Gardens is a beautiful indoor, one-acre – botanical garden. This six-story glass atrium with a 50 foot arched ceiling holds over 80 live palm trees, lush foliage, hanging “twinkle lights” and dancing “leapfrog” fountains. Located on Chicago’s famous Navy Pier, the Crystal Garden provides spectacular views of the Chicago Skyline, Lake Michigan, the Ferris wheel, and Navy Pier’s Dock Street.

The Crystal Gardens, operated by Phil Stefani Signature Events, is located on Navy Pier, one of Chicago’s premiere tourist attractions. We are on Lake Michigan near the heart of the Loop, and offer beautiful views of the Chicago Skyline, and the rest of Navy Pier. Our six-story glass atrium and one-acre botanical garden provide a lush and beautiful look, that makes us an ideal corporate event venue. Under our 50-foot arched ceiling, we offer more than 80 live palm trees, and lush foliage that gives the garden a pristine outdoors feel.

The Crystal Gardens provides spectacular views of the Chicago Skyline, Lake Michigan, the Ferris wheel, and Navy Pier’s Dock Street. The Crystal Gardens is a magnificent place to host your next Corporate or Social Event.

The Gardens can accommodate groups of 100 to 1,500 guests. Each event is individually planned by one of our sales and catering representatives to ensure a customized menu and a unique experience for each of our clients.

Total Capacity of Venue:

Private or Semi Private Space Available:

Unique views ?
Yes, Lake Michigan, Chicago Skyline

F&B minimum to reserve / use the room:

Email us directly for details and pricing

Large Indoor Rooftops in Chicago for Events & Holiday Parties

November 12, 2012 |

large indoor rooftop Chicago event space

“One of three top rooftop lounges in the world” – Travel + Leisure

A glamorous, 7,000 square foot escape on the 27th floor of theWit, ROOF has earned international praises for its gorgeous design, sweeping views of Chicago, entertainment programming and expressive hand-crafted cocktails and cuisine. Share sushi, small plates and incredible flatbreads from our wood burning oven such as an Austrailian Black Perigord Truffle pizza with carmelized onion, fingerling potatoes, asparagus and burrata cheese. Delight in the desserts from our celebrated pastry chef, including chocolate churros made expressively with Patron XO. Take in various views of the city from a cabana booth on the Patio, a cozy enclave by the fireplace in the Living Room or a breathtaking table on The Hangover which jets out over the side of the building. Enjoy varied programming from acoustic guitar performances on Tuesday evenings to a high-energy club scene on Friday and Saturday nights and a whimsical afternoon experience—ROOF Sundays: A Daytime Affair—a colorful day party where dancers, live musicians and performers groove along to some of the world’s best DJs.

A new retractable glass enclosure over the outdoor portion of ROOF ensures that the party will go on all year long in any kind of weather. Capacity: 350 guests.

Click here to email our event manager directly to request information for your upcoming party or event.

Increase Your Creative Potential

November 9, 2012 |

fun corporate activities for corporate groups, outings, events

Increase your creative potential

We all experience creative blocks in our work. Sometimes we feel stuck, or fear making the wrong decision, or maybe we are on the right track but just don’t know it yet. While we can’t always get out of the office, many artists and innovators agree that a change in scenery, or at least routine, can help jump-start your latent creative potential. Here are five suggestions that well-known creative professionals use to get inspired. Try one, or all five. Here’s to your next brilliant idea!

1. Change What You’re Looking At: Start keeping a folder of inspirational and funny quotes, pictures, typography, illustrations, photos, etc. Spend sometime looking through them when you’re feeling stuck for a kick-start of motivation.
2. Just Get Something Down on Paper: Stop agonizing about your words and ideas, sometimes just getting your thoughts out on paper gets you in the groove again. Doodling helps too, don’t be afraid of drawing.
3. Talk to Someone: It doesn’t matter if it is a colleague, friend, or even your kid – just explain the problem or challenge your dealing with, and they may come up with a solution that sparks an idea for you.
4. Do Something that Makes you Feel Good: Whether it’s indulging in bubble bath or shoes, or a self-improvement project like cleaning and re-organizing your workspace – when you feel good about yourself you’ll be ready to take that next big thing on with gusto.
5. Make Something with your Hands: Try an art class, or pick up a creative hobby whether it is cooking, painting, woodworking or the like. The act of creating will get you out of your head and into the moment. It’s usually in those brief moments of clarity when our best ideas strike!

Written by Claire Hurwitz – Special Events Manager at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago. Lillstreet specializes in art-focused team building and retreats to help businesses grow their creative might. Their new event and meeting center, The Lillstreet Loft, will open in January 2013.  Once an industrial gear making factory, our 40,000-square-foot facilities now house eight art departments, 22 classrooms, 50 artist studios and an intimate gallery space. Private groups can soak up the creative experience during a business meeting, group outing or art party.

*Adapted from the book BreakThrough! Overcome Creative Block & Spark Your Imagination.

Click here to contact Claire Hurwitz at Lillstreet Art Center

Places to have a Holiday Party in Schaumburg

October 11, 2012 |

Schaumburg Boomers Holiday Party Spaces
1999 S Springinsguth Road
Schaumburg, IL 60193

Places to have a holiday party in Schaumburg

One-of-a-kind venue for your corporate outing or meeting, special event, celebration, or family gathering that can be customized to your specifications. From a continental breakfast to an elegant dinner, the in-house catering options by Levy Restaurants can provide a perfect dining experience. Host your event and receive V.I.P. access with a behind-the-scenes look at ballpark. We handle the details, set-up and clean-up.

Email Saralyn Locke – Please mention when contacting me

Our one-of-a-kind venue is perfect for Corporate Outings, Company Picnics Banquets, Trade Shows, Birthday/Anniversary Parties, Alumni Events, Draft Parties, Private Concerts.

Total Capacity and Names of Holiday Party Rooms:
1. Schaumburg Club: 150
2. Luxury Suites 301 & 316: 35 per suite
3. Luxury Suites 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 310, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315: 25 per suite
4. Suite Level Lobby: 40

Total Capacity and Names of seasonal party areas:

5. Party Deck: 225
6. Picnic Area: 400+
7. Stadium Concourse: 500+
8. Stadium Seating: 4749
9. On-Field Access: 3,000+

Total Capacity of Venue:

Private or Semi Private Space Available:

Unique views?
Baseball Field

Trendy Private Party Rooms in Chicago’s River North

October 9, 2012 |

Paris Club
59 W. Hubbard
Chicago, IL

Chicago River North Trendy Private Event Spaces

A French awakening is happening in River North. Internationally-acclaimed French Chef Joho and RJ and Jerrod Melman have teamed up to introduce the highly-anticipated Paris Club in Chicago’s popular River North neighborhood. The trio has set out with a goal of serving up approachable French fare in a casual, urban setting that appeals to a new generation of diners.

With an emphasis on plates to share and their spin on updated classics, the Melman brothers and French powerhouse Chef Joho (Everest, Eiffel Tower, Brasserie JO Boston) have assembled an impressive culinary team of some of the most respected names in French dining. The Paris Club kitchen will be led by executive chef Tim Graham (Brasserie JO, TRU), as well as notable French-trained chefs Walter Manzke (Church & State, Bastide), Doug Psaltis (Alain Ducasse, French Laundry) and Michael Bellovich (HUB 51). Offering a lighter, casual take on French fare, the menu is reminiscent of one found in the City of Light. Highlights include Scallop and Uni Tartare, Sweet Frites, Short Rib Bourguinon and Vegetable Cassoulet plated with an array of fresh and seasonal sautéed vegetables. Smaller portions make ordering simple and encourage guests to try a variety of offerings, such as Escargot by the piece, Lamb Meatballs with Harissa Tomato Sauce, and bite-size Croque Monsieurs “fingers”. In addition to these items, Paris Club also serves an array of homemade charcuteries and pates.

As approachable as the food, Chef Joho and the Melmans carefully handpicked a list of more than 10 champagnes, 25 reds and 25 whites representing France and U.S. vintners to offer guests easy, reasonably-priced, drinkable wines by the glass or bottle. The restaurant will also feature a number of proprietary wines and craft beers on tap, as well as signature champagne cocktails and aperitifs.

Designed by NYC based Monolayer, Paris Club’s vibe doesn’t disappoint, offering a modern Parisian escape from Chicago’s typical dining scene. Presenting a sophisticated, yet gritty atmosphere, the character of the nearly 5,000 square-foot main dining space is expressed through décor reminiscent of present-day Paris.

Total Capacity of Venue:

Private or Semi Private Space Available: